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Most Chinese people would have been familiar with the title Dai Kam Jie (wedding chaperone). Almost every traditional Chinese wedding, and a few contemporary ones would need them to be there. Because the traditional wedding customs and ceremonies are complicated and even the seniors in the families may not be able to fully understand them. It is important to have a Dai Kam Jie to guide and assist the new couples and family members through all the traditional customary ceremonies and rituals, particularly during the day of the wedding.

Dai Kam Jie have many years of experiences in handling traditional Chinese wedding, and is well-versed in traditions, ceremonies and important customs. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, fantastic in saying all the auspicious words and keeping up the merry atmosphere. Winnie also provides professional advices to ensure certain important traditions are observed, and discusses with the couples on the details and procedures of the actual day, liaises with family members of both sides so as to ensure the wedding goes smoothly and merrily. All the weddings handled are full of joyful laughter and completed perfectly.


The services provided includes Auspicious date selection, Wedding gifts presentation, Bridal bed installation, Hair dressing ceremony, Departure, Arrival & Return of the bride, Tea ceremony and all preparation of related work.








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