Don't want to compare with other photography/recording companies, just want to capture the perfect moment for our guests. We would like to ask how many photos or films will be made by professionals in whole life. Movies are important, you want to own a movie that in popular form, or a unique personal memories of your own. We would like to find our guests who are the latter one, and we will do our best to translate for our guests.


"Capture The Moment"

"Capture the moment", pay attention to everything that happens around, important things, because everything will not happen after, the expression is just a moment bride tears, guests laugh and so on can not be again, and "Capture the moment" is even more important. Watch the crowd with your heart, capture every instant expression, action, do not need to let people deliberately look at the lens, so everyone is often true, appear natural and realistic, completely presented the atmosphere of the time, and then look at these photos can also feel the joy of the day. Before the big day, we first communicate with the new people the same day both process and guests both shooting requirements, in order to let the new people the big day can enjoy every moment.

『Capture the moment』,留意周邊一切所發生的事、重要之事,因為所有時刻一過不復,新娘子流淚的一瞬、賓客大笑的一刻都不可能再來,因此『Capture the moment』更為重要。⽤⼼觀察眾人,捕捉每個瞬間即逝的表情、動作,不需讓⼈人特意望着鏡頭,所以每個⼈往往也真情流露,顯得自然寫實,完全呈現了當時的氣氛,日後再看這些照⽚時也可以感受到當天的喜悅歡欣。在大日子前我們先和新人溝通好當日既流程及客人既拍攝要求,為求讓新人們在大日子可以享受每一刻。